Jewish Lives, Jewish Legacies

By The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center (other events)

Tuesday, December 4 2018 6:30 PM 8:00 PM

Jews have been leaving a mark on the world since Abraham began spreading monotheism. We might be less than .02 percent of the planet’s population, but we’ve won 22 percent of all Nobel Prizes ever awarded, 14 percent of Pulitzer Prizes for fiction . . . not to mention our major contributions to law, science, politics, philosophy and entertainment.

Eight prominent authors who’ve written biographies of some of the world’s preeminent Jews will join us to talk about their subjects’ struggles and achievements — and what they can teach us about who we are as a people.

Rabbi Akiva - Sage of The Talmud

Barry W. Holtz, Professor of Jewish Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America

Barbra Streisand - Redefining Beauty, Femininity and Power

Neal Gabler, award-winning journalist and historian

David Ben-Gurion - Father of Modern Israel

Anita Shapira, winner of the Israel Prize for History 

Louis D. Brandeis - American Prophet

Jeffrey Rosen, President & CEO of the National Constitution Center

Emma Goldman - Revolution as a Way of Life

Vivian Gornick, celebrated critic and essayist

Hank Greenberg - The Hero Who Didn’t Want to be One

Mark Kurlansky, award-winning author of 32 works of fiction and nonfiction

Peggy Guggenheim - The Shock of the Modern

Francine Prose, award-winning author of 20 novels

Yitzhak Rabin - Soldier, Leader, Statesman

Itamar Rabinovich, Rabin’s ambassador in Washington and president of the Israel Institute 


On this third night of Chanukah, we will light the candles and serve sufganiyot post-event, where books will be sold and signed.

Moderated by James Atlas, founding editor of the Penguin Lives Series.

In collaboration with the Jewish Lives biography series.

A partnership of Yale University Press and the Leon D. Black Foundation  


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