Dan Abrams with Megyn Kelly: Defending the Enemy

By The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center (other events)

Tuesday, March 3 2020 6:30 PM 8:00 PM EDT

Dan Abrams in conversation with Megyn Kelly

Tuesday, March 3

6:30 PM

$30 includes a copy of the book

The shots that rang out on a frigid Boston evening in March 1770 almost launched a revolution after British soldiers killed five colonists in cold blood. What exactly led to the incident has never been fully understood, yet to the city’s angry residents, there was only one possible outcome.

A young attorney named John Adams, however, refused to allow his revolutionary zeal to overshadow the rule of law. Determined that the soldiers’ trial be fair, the man who would become America’s second president defended them, establishing principles that would soon become enshrined in our law.

In the riveting prose of Dan Abrams and David Fisher, that trial becomes more than a historical footnote. As in their previous bestselling presidential legal historical tomes, Abrams and Fisher use an original transcript from the trial to transport readers back in time, capturing the integrity of a man who would help shape a nation.

Moderated by Megyn Kelly, attorney and former anchor on Fox News and NBC.



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